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"Ever since the Spring of 1970 when I, like many others, was awakened from the sleep of conformity by the kiss of the invasion of Cambodia and the smelling salts of campus-distributed tear gas, I have tried to act within the field of adult education with one main purpose in mind -- to find and join with colleagues who will work for a radically humanistic approach to the field as a part of a worldwide effort toward a society in which, for the first time, all people are free of oppressive rule."    -John F. Ohliger

John Ohliger (1926-2004) was an adult educator, peace activist, public intellectual and co-founder of WORT Radio and Basic Choices, Inc., a Midwest Center for Clarifying Political and Social Options.

This website seeks to make his work and thought accessible to all. John was a prolific writer. Currently, this website only contains a small portion of his work. We will continually add to it and would like to hear from any of you who knew of John's writings about which of his works should be added next.

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John Ohliger's Book

Challenging the Professionalization
of Adult Education: John Ohliger and Contradictions in Modern Practice

by André P. Grace (Editor), Tonette S. Rocco (Editor), and Michael R. Welton (Foreword)

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This book is out-of-print. According to WorldCat, there are over 190 libraries that own this book worldwide, mostly in the United States and Canada, but also in several other countries such as Australia and South Africa. Although you can no longer obtain this book from the publisher, there are copies available for sale through e-Bay, Abebooks.com and other sources for used books for very reasonable prices.


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