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Photo Gallery II

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Drawings by Marc Millon, John’s stepson (son of Lori Millon) on John, late 1960s/early 1970s

Marc predicts (successfully!) what John will look like in the future.

John (left) walking in a parade in Castlegar, British Columbia where he was director of Continuing Education at Selkirk College.

Ohio State University (1967-73). Is that a button I see John wearing?

Anne Fitzgerald, Ohio State, with whom John co-edited a bibliography on Illich.

First visit to Cuernavaca (CIDOC) 1971

Postcard from Cuernavaca

First visit to Highlander, 1972.

Highlander, 1972.

Madison, Wisconsin 1974 when he was a visiting professor at the UW-Madison He was attending a homebirth.

Co-founder of the community radio station, WORT, 1975, Madison, WI

Unsuccessfully defending WORT Radio Station from vandalism when protestors gathered at the studio to object to an interview with members of the American Nazi Party, 1977.

Anyone – including children – can review books on WORT’s Madison Review of Books.

Late 1970s, possibly at WORT

Biking to work in an April snowstorm, 1982.

John at work at the UW Madison College Library Tape Center.

Another picture at work in the Tape Center.

Basic Choices begins in 1977 and the newsletter, Second Thoughts, begins publication in 1978.

1979, Highlander. This time the focus is on MCE and NAVL. (with Phil Newton, on right)

John displaying the famous NO MCE (No Mandatory Continuing Education) button.

With Mickey Hellyer, Tim Turner and Phyllis Cunningham.

Task Force on MCE, Madison, Wisconsin 1981, with David Gueulette and Phyllis Cunningham.

Blanca Fecundo with whom John wrote, taught and worked about Freire and Illich.

John Marvin and Bill Kemsley, Conference in Mankato re: MCE in early 1980s

Speaking tour of Australia, 1987. Thanks to the efforts of Australian adult educator and librarian, Helen Modra.

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