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Photo Gallery I

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John Funnell Ohliger, born November 11, 1926. In this picture, he is 10 months old.

Great-grandfather, Honest John Funnell and great-grandmother, Fanny, holding Alfred, John's grandfather. Varick, NY, 1873

Maternal grandfather, Dr. Alfred Jennings Funnell, 1921, speaker at the National Lyceum, Washington D.C.

Maternal grandmother, Louella Funnell

Father of John, Louis F. Ohliger, bat boy

Louis Ohliger at his insurance business, 1929

Mother of John, Aura Mae (Funnell) Ohliger

John, age 4, (front), brothers, Phil and Louis (Fritz) Windsor, Ontario 1930.

John age 10, "Looks like trouble!" Detroit, Michigan, 1936.

"A box of cookies and a book" Belle Isle, Detroit

Working after school at the Utley Branch Library, Detroit

In a High School play

U.S. Army, overseas (Germany)

First trip to California - Ford Foundation Conference at Estes Park. John is in the first row, middle.

The Monroe family in California (John's first introduction to the joy of cats)

The whole family moves to California, 1957

With Dorothy and cats, 1960 in Hyde Park, Chicago

Traveling for the Great Books Foundation (John is in the middle)

More Great Books

At KPFA in San Fransisco before going to KPFK in Los Angelos (1960s)

At the Renaissance Fair, News Director KPFK, LA 1963

Peace Corps training in the California desert, 1964-66

With Loris Millon in a restaurant, Los Angelos

With members of the African Studies Program, UCLA 1965

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Photo Gallery I