From John

I Believe (A Tentative Hypothesis)

I believe we live in a nonperfect universe under an egalitarian nonperfect god
(with a small "g")
or conscience (with a small "c").

I believe we are all mad all the time - both insane and angry.

I believe we are all nice all the time - both concerned about and
pleasant with each other.

Our problem as humans is to balance our madness and our niceness.

One of god's problems is not to make it too hard for us to reach this balance
and maybe even to help us reach it sometimes.

We cannot escape our history, our personal pasts, our habits, or our traditions
but we needn't wallow in them
or be a slave to them
if we want to live well in the present
and work well for a worthwhile vision of the future.

John Ohliger, February 1978

© Copyright 2004 John