From John

So You Want To Live

So you want to live.
Yes, I want to live.
What do you want to live for?
I don't know what I want to live for.
Well, you had better start looking for a reason.

A boy/man grew up slowly,
Stumbling, falling along the way.
At twenty he had moved an inch toward life.
At thirty he had fallen back and started on again.
And then he heard from his inner self:
"The limitations of humans are only exceeded by the limitations of God."
What comes next? "Therefore he needs our help"?
Not someone, but some future feeling knows.

A spirit is implanted.
It exists without need for nurture.
It beats and beats
And says through the mirrored fog of consciousness:
"The limitations of God are only exceeded by the limitations of humans."
And who will hear it?
And how will it be heard?
And who implanted the spirit?

John Ohliger, in late 1950s

© Copyright 2004 John