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1977-present: Director, Basic Choices, Inc., teaching, consulting, researching, editing, writing, speaking.
Teaching assignments include University of Southern Maine, Northern Illinois University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Iowa, Pennsylvania State University, Syracuse University, and the University of Wyoming. Speaking engagements include University of British Columbia, University of California-Berkeley, California State University- Los Angeles and Northridge, University of Wyoming, Athabasca University. University of Alberta, Ramah-Navajo School Board (New Mexico), Iowa State University, University of Iowa, University of Calgary, Oakton Community College, Kansas State University, Concordia College (Quebec) & Iowa Department of Education.

1992: Library Clerk II, Medical Library, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Springfield, IL.
Part-time clerical duties in support of both borrowing and lending functions in the Interlibrary Loan Division.

1990-1992: Adjunct Professor of Education, Sangamon State University, Springfield, IL.
Taught two classes in the History and Philosophy of Education.

1976-1989: Library Services Assistant 4, College Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Part-time. Made cassette tapes available for patrons. Performed clerical-technical functions including cataloging, acquisitions, and preservation.

1974-1977: Free-lance teacher, speaker, consultant, and organizing secretary of radio station WORT-FM. Editor of Madison Review of Books. Teaching assignments included University of Saskatchewan and Florida International University. Speaking engagements included Temple University, Florida State University, and the Center for Intercultural Documentation ( Cuernavaca, Mexico).

1973-1974: Visiting Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Extension, Division of Program and Staff Development.

1967-1973: Assistant and then Associate Professor of Adult Education, Ohio State University.

1966-1967: Director of Continuing Education, Selkirk College, Castlegar, British Columbia.

1964-1966: Assistant University Extension Specialist, University of California Extension, Los Angeles.
Coordinated Peace Corps training programs and a development seminar for Africans studying in the United States.

1961-1964: News Director, Public Affairs Director, etc., at Pacifica Foundation's radio stations KPFA & KPFK in Berkeley & Los Angeles.

1960-1961: Assistant Coordinator, Labor Programs, Institute of Industrial Relations, University of California-Berkeley.

1959-1960: Area Director and Administrative Assistant to the President, Great Books Foundation, Chicago.
Trained discussion group leaders and aided in foundation administration.

1958-1959: Senior Staff Member, American Foundation for Continuing Education, Chicago.
Organized discussion groups and prepared materials for them.

1956-1958: Principal Extension Representative, University of California-Extension, Los Angeles.
Organized discussion groups, trained discussion leaders, prepared promotion materials.

1954-1956: Administrative Assistant to Vice-President, Sun Battery Co., Santa Ana, California.

1951-1954: Educational Representative, Michigan CIO Council, Detroit, MI.
Prepared labor educational materials, taught speech classes to local union members, organized a book store.

1948-1951: Teaching Assistant, Speech Department, Wayne State University, Detroit.

1945-1948: Information Specialist, Teacher, Newspaper reporter, Message Center Chief. United States Army in West Germany.


1964-1966: Doctorate in Adult Education at University of California, Los Angeles.

1958-1960: Advanced study in Adult Education, University of Chicago.

1956-1957: Masters degree in Adult Education, University of California, Los Angeles.

1948-1951: Bachelor of Arts, Wayne State University, Detroit.

1941-1944: High school diploma, Northern High School, Detroit.


Author, co-author, or editor of over 200 publications including:

  • Reconciling Education with Liberty
  • The Tao of Adult Education
  • Searching for Balance, Coping with Threats, Looking for Opportunities
  • Must We All Go Back to School?
  • Is Lifelong Adult Education a Guarantee of Permanent Inadequacy?
  • Lifelong Learning or Lifelong Schooling?
  • Adult Education, 1984
  • Adult Education in a World of Excessive Riches/ Excessive Poverty
  • If 'Learning Never Ends', Does Living Ever Begin?
  • Lowering the Boom on Higher Education
  • Who Put the Question Marks in Mr. Reagan's Chowder? -- A Nation at Risk?
  • The Adult Educator's Sing-a-long Key
  • Billy Joel: The Fire, The Facts, & The Story
  • Martian-As-A-Second-Language
  • Sparkling Adult Education Poetry
  • Adult Education: America's Biggest Friendly Fraud?
  • The Government of Business & The Business of Government
  • The Last Word in Learning?
  • Literacy Campaigns & Election Campaigns
  • The Millennium Survival Kit
  • Hidden Hits in Adult Education
  • A Portrait of the Student as an Old Man
  • Take a Social Philosopher to Lunch This Week
  • Trigger Words from the Trigger Happy
  • You Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Make You Laugh
  • The Final Solution to Learning Opportunities -- Mandatory Continuing Education
  • Spoilers of Liberty: The Case Against Mandatory Continuing Education
  • Too Much Education?
  • If Winter Comes: Life-Affirming Prophecies: Moses, Shelley and Lao Tzu
  • The Decline & Fall of Practically Everything
  • More Courses than You Can Shake a Computer Mouse At
  • Mystery, Crime, and Adult Education
  • This Class May Not Make You Richer, Happier, or Get You a Job.

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